eLEANOR Certified

logo certifiedThe eLEANOR Consortium has developed a certification scheme for the institutions which are delivering pedagogic and training activities within the water sector. The objective of the certification scheme is to provide a support to the people who are interested to follow a training which is matching the expectation of the professional sector of the water services.

The certification is delivered on request to the institutions which are endorsing the eLEANOR principles - Business Processes and Job Profiles - defined by the consortium and which are explicitly developing curricula targeting specific job profiles.

The institutions willing to receive certification will have to contact the eLEANOR consortium at the following address: contact@e-leanor.eu and will have to submit a presentation of their pedagogique activities according to a specific form (sent on request). The application will be review by an ad-hoc committee of the consortium and if successful, the certification will be provided for duration of 4 years.

Why become certified?

eLEANOR certification is provided to pedagogic and training activities targeting the water services and which are following the concepts and principles developed by the eLEANOR consortium. This certification will provide benefits to your activities by :

  • Providing clear information about the job profiles and business processes you are targeting with your activities
  • Getting recognition from the professional sector of the water domain
  • Promoting a job oriented approach
  • Being close to the reality of the job market in the water services domain
  • Ensuring quality of your contents by periodic accreditation
  • Obtaining higher visibility in the education and training offers in the water  domain

List of eLEANOR certified courses

France, Germany, Hungary, Spain & UK





eLEANOR Compliant

The eLEANOR Consortium promotes actively the use of the developed concepts and the implementation of the Job Profiles and Business Processes descriptions within the curricula. All pedagogic and training institutions involved within the water services domain are welcome to use the terminology and the concepts developed by the eLEANOR Consortium. The various documents available on this website can be used freely and be widely disseminated.

The institutions which are willing to emphasis their interest for the eLEANOR approach are invited to mention that they are "eLEANOR compliant" with a link to the eLEANOR website. Obviously, these institutions are kindly invited to engage the certification procedure if they see interest for it.