Goals & Objectives

Goals and objectives (recent project results)

Assessment of training needs in the water sector

Validation of training needs by water industries has been carried out in the first project phase to help the identification of the eLEANOR training subjects. The assessment of training needs was useful to validate and further investigate existing training needs of water companies considered in the project proposal.

The vocational training needs assessment covered following steps:

  • creation of a lists of Business Processes (BPs) and Job Profiles (JPs),
  • validation of the lists by water professionals,
  • assessment of a level of knowledge for each Job Profile,
  • validation of the levels by water professionals,
  • creation of a matrix mapping the training needs in relation with JBs and BPs.

Curricula for professionals in the water sector

eLEANOR intends to fill the lack of specific programmes and initiatives at EU level aimed at standardizing the training for professionals of the water domain both in private and public sectors. eLEANOR anticipates to  pursue these learning objectives in view of facilitating and optimizing the implementation of EU water related Directives all over Europe.
Before the curricula is created, two steps were followed, starting from the training needs results:

  • identification of the training needs,
  • validation of the needs.

In order to assess the vocational training needs (so as to design the curricula), and to fulfil the gaps in education of the water sector, it was required to define the profile of all the processes involved in waste water treatment and water supply sectors.
Mapping the training needs in the matrix, by giving the scale to each cell, has embossed the idea of the need of a Job Profile having an overall look at its engagement in each BP.

Catalogue of available courses on water management

eLEANOR also aims to collect training courses on water management available at EU level (inside and out the Consortium). The courses are documented through metadata into an on-line catalogue, which allows to optimize and rationalize their exploitation in different contexts and training initiatives. The training courses are mapped to JPs and BPs.
The Training Catalogue is made available from the project web site (Training Catalogue Menu).

Catalogue of Training Good Practices

eLEANOR proposes a catalogue, collecting and sharing existing training experiences in the water sector. Also this catalogue maps the BPs and JPs.
The Training Good Practices Catalogue is a living inventory updated with new practices from water organizations, also outside the Consortium, interested in sharing their experience in the eLEANOR Network. The Catalogue is accessible from the project Home page.

eLEANOR Training Framework

A Training Framework is being designed with the aim to integrate the different components of the eLEANOR training offer. The Training Framework will integrate the eLEANOR learning paths, the e-learning tools and the training material into a single on-line framework. The eLEANOR Training Portal will serve as an interface allowing the final user to get information on the training initiative and have access to the learning paths and related courses.