About the project

During the project tasks, started in October 2010 for a period of 2 years, learning paths are deployed to answer the needs for training in the water sector. Training needs analysis is based upon the experiences of the partners, consisting in the main EU water companies, academies and vocational training centres, also representing the most important eLEANOR target users.

eLEANOR training offer is addressed to the technicians, engineers and managers of the water sector.

The subject of the training is strictly connected to the new EU context where the water industry has to comply with Directives providing a common framework for the stewardship of the environment as well as social considerations. The Directives aim to improve the quality of the environment, protect human health, rationally use natural resources and promote measures at international level to deal with environmental problems. The implementation of the new legal framework, above all the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC), is a challenge for the water industry. Nevertheless, the identified shortcomings related to training and skill of personnel can hamper such an implementation. eLEANOR focuses on: (1) waste water treatment, (2) water supply, (3) storm water management, reflecting the main demands of skills by EU Directives above.

eLEANOR has a European dimension, which is given by the geographic extension of the partnership and their participation into networks, groups and platforms in the specific sector. Project outcomes are then proposed by the partners to potential end users through their dissemination channels in order to be validated and fruitfully exploited.

eLEANOR expected impact is at the European scale. The coverage of the project allows an effective and mutual transfer of knowledge and to cross-relate different situations. The products are then able to work in different contexts and support as well the process of training standardization and certified comparison in this field that is one challenge of training at the EU level.

The most important results obtained are the Good Practices and Training Modules Catalogue, besides the assessment of  Training Needs in the Water Sector. In order to see the results, please see the links on Resources box.